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Medical Negligence

Medical professionals are highly skilled and we expect the care you receive in the UK to be of the highest standard. Unfortunately though, there are a few occasions where this high standard is not met, and this is where no win no fee medical negligence claims come in.

People make claims for medical negligence compensation because they've suffered injuries due to the negligence of a doctor, nurse or other healthcare practitioner.

A medical professional's "duty of care"

For a no win no fee medical negligence claim to be successful, there has to be evidence that the professional in question did not provide an 'appropriate level of care' and that this led directly to the patient's injuries.

Surgeons, physiotherapists, dentists, chiropractors, radiologists and anyone else who cares for patients can be subject to medical compensation claims if they fail in their duty of care to the patient.

Types of medical negligence

Just as there are countless types of illness and injury, so there are many ways in which medical negligence can occur.

Some examples of medical negligence include errors during childbirth which lead to injury, mistakes with medicines which lead to side-effects, and a failure to make a correct diagnosis which leads to suffering for the patient.

What will happen if I make a no win no fee medical negligence claim?

It can often seem daunting to consider claiming against a healthcare professional, because most of us consider doctors to be highly trained experts who are unlikely to make any mistakes. Most of the time this is true, but when mistakes are made it's reasonable to expect medical compensation to be paid, particularly if there's been a serious breach in their duty of care.

If you choose to make a claim then you might be asked to undergo a medical examination and your medical records might need to be checked. These are things your solicitor will arrange for you on your behalf and they're nothing to worry about.

Your medical compensation claim

If you've been a victim of medical negligence, you may be entitled to make a medical compensation claim. We can help guide you through your no win no fee medical negligence claim, as No-Win-No-Fee.co.uk is brought to you by National Accident Helpline. Because all of our solicitor firms can work on a no win no fee basis, if your claim is unsuccessful, then you won't pay a fee - there's no financial risk to making a claim.

If you think you might have a claim, the best thing to do is to contact us for free, impartial information and advice on no win no fee medical negligence claims. We'll help you find out if you might be entitled to medical compensation, and you can start your claim online today.


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Success Stories

"The whole process from making the initial call to settling the case ran very smoothly. I found having a local solicitor appointed very helpful"

Helen from Northants was awarded £3,200

Success Stories

"I wouldn't have done it without No Win No Fee - it gives you the confidence to make a claim"

Sian Curtis was awarded £1,000 after suffering a neck injury at work.

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"I wouldn't have been able to make a claim without No Win No Fee. We just didn't have the money to pay up front"

Malcolm Ford was awarded £5,000 after being injured at work

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Your Questions

What does No Win No Fee actually mean?

No win no fee simply means that if your claim is not successful, you pay nothing. This makes claiming compensation risk-free.

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